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August 2019 Update

I have several ongoing projects, plus some shorter fun stuff. I am working on a book, Exploring American Healthcare through 50 Historic Treasures. Read my blog post introducing the project here.

While the book is in progress, my blog A Catalog of Curiosity is on a detour -- A Catalog of (Medical) Curiosity!

Meanwhile, you can hear from me monthly with my e-newsletter, Links and Things from Tegan. In Links and Things, I share reviews and recommendations of books, articles, podcasts, databases, and other fun things for general audiences, history lovers, and museum professionals. It's also where I share updates on my projects.

As of this writing, I'm about to embark on a fun new adventure: directing a short radio play with the live radio theater group I love, the Post-Meridian Radio Players. The play is part of a quartet of spooky folktales from around the world, with shows in late October (including Halloween night). Find out more at or on Facebook.