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Recent Posts for the Yoko Miwa Trio

In the past month, I've covered jazz past and present at the Yoko Miwa Trio's blog. Here's a sampler of recent posts, click the titles to read the full posts. Reflections on Ken Burns’s JAZZ, Episode 1 After starting to blog for the Yoko Miwa Trio, I felt inspired to learn more about jazz history. I wanted to hear the jazz while I learned about it, so I turned to the documentary  JAZZ , by Ken Burns. In this series of posts, I’ll share my thoughts as I journey through some of the crucial decades in jazz history.... Jazz on the Harbor Unless you only just discovered the Yoko Miwa Trio, you know they’ve won some awards, * but did you know that the performance center they will be playing on Friday, February 15 with special guest  Rebecca Parris  is award-winning, as well? Use Your Smile Mu scles Have you ever wondered about the name of the wine bar where the Yoko Miwa Trio plays Saturdays, and Yoko plays solo piano many Tuesdays? “ Les Zygomates ” (Lay

Happy Birthday, Kate! ... Analyzing Happy Birthday, Felicity!

Happy Birthday, Kate! ... Analyzing Happy Birthday, Felicity ! My friend Kate asked me to analyze an American Girls book and point out things that are inaccurate or just plain misleading as a birthday present to her. Because the analysis is a birthday present, I chose a birthday book – Happy Birthday, Felicity! It’s the fourth book in a series following the life of Felicity Merriman, a ten-year old girl in 1770s Virginia. The Felicity books came out in the early 1990s, and while the American Girl empire keeps expanding, Felicity’s stories are one of the ones I remember from my own childhood. Before I begin, I just want to say that there are a lot of great things about the American Girl books, and I don’t mean my criticisms to be a condemnation of the books. Some things are not wrong but oversimplified, and in some cases I would have chosen to simplify them differently or not at all. Some elements of the American Girl books disproportionately represent girls with lives of pri

New blogging -- Createquity

Fairly soon, you'll be seeing posts from a new blogging project of mine appearing here. I'm excited to announce that I have been chosen as a writing fellow for Createquity, a blog that describes itself as "a unique virtual think tank exploring the intersection of the arts with a wide range of topics ... a hub for next-generation ideas on the role of the arts in a creative society." Read more here: Announcing the Spring 2013 Createquity Writing Fellows      

Three of My Favorite Boston Bookstores

Queerly Bookish: Three More Favorite Bookstores As promised, here is the second half of my “favorite bookstores.” Like last time, I chose three of my favorite local bookstores and I will explain why I like these stores and what I think of their queer book sections. I’m picking up where I left off, giving you the stores in ascending order by the Queer Quotient ( see the last post if you don’t know what that is). Read on...  Queerly Bookish is a column I write for Diffuse 5, a Boston-based collection of resources for the LBTQ community. The column presents book reviews and notes on the Boston literary scene, including events, publications, and more.