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Newsletter preview round 2

September Links and Things from Tegan Welcome to Links and Things from Tegan! This is the inaugural “issue,” and I hope you enjoy it. Most months it will be email-only, so please subscribe here if you haven't already! I'll never sell or trade your information. In General I've been reading the blog Ask a Manager regularly for maybe a year now, and it’s one of my favorite blogs. It’s a daily advice column about work situations … hiring, firing, being hired/fired, fights over the office microwave, really anything that can come up. Some posts are very straightforward and useful, and others have a lot of human drama in them, as people who write in share some extreme things that have happened in their workplaces. The thing that makes it special is that the columnist, Alison Green, is really great at looking at many perspectives on an issue, and helping people figure out what they can change in their workplace, what they can influence, and what they need to figure out whet