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About Me

I am a public historian, museum curator, and writer. I specialize in the history of healthcare and of science in society, with a social history angle.

My main research interests include material culture in the history of medicine, interpretation strategies for histories of medicine and the body, and the history of scientific study methodologies from the perspectives of shifting power structures and of changes in the epistemology of science. some of my other professional and academic interests include the history of American naturalists, the history of kitchenware and food, legal history as it pertains to public health, and collective identities. Outside of public history, I'm a knitter, nature enthusiast, and a dabbler in community theater, especially in audio drama.

Currently, I work as the Exhibit and Education Specialist at the Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of Medical History and Innovation at Massachusetts General Hospital. 

My forthcoming book Exploring American Healthcare Through 50 Historic Treasures is available for preorder here. Order it from your favorite bookstore, direct from, or request it at your local library.

This website is an online portfolio. You can also find me on Twitter @tegankehoe, on Facebook  at /tegankehoewriter, and on tiktok (I do history content!) @tegan_kehoe. To get in touch, write me at tegan dot kehoe at gmail dot com.

Tegan Kehoe, a femme-of-center-presenting white person with short curly hair in a gray cowl-neck top and a purple blazer.