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August 2019 Update

I have several ongoing projects, plus some shorter fun stuff. I am working on a book, Exploring American Healthcare through 50 Historic Treasures. Read my blog post introducing the project here . While the book is in progress, my blog A Catalog of Curiosity is on a detour -- A Catalog of (Medical) Curiosity! My blog post introducing the detour is the same one that introduces the book project I've also written about the weird and varied things I'm reading for the project and I'm starting to share tidbits from my research that don't fit in the book Meanwhile, you can hear from me monthly with my e-newsletter, Links and Things from Tegan . In Links and Things, I share reviews and recommendations of books, articles, podcasts, databases, and other fun things for general audiences, history lovers, and museum professionals. It's also where I share updates on my projects. As of this writing, I'm about to embark on a fun new adventure: directing a short radio pla