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Newsletter preview round 3

Welcome to Links and Things from Tegan! I've made a few format changes since the last time I posted a preview, so here's the October 2018 issue. Most months it will be email-only, so please subscribe here if you haven't already. I'll never sell or trade your information. Enjoy! Welcome to the October issue of Limbs and Things from Tegan!* The "Me" Section I’m pleased to announce the book The State of Museums: Voices from the Field is out now from MuseumsEtc . It is made up of twelve chapters looking at different angles of museum practice today, from museum professionals around New England. Philosopher Karl Popper discussed whether all ideas should be welcome and equal in society, outlining what’s known as the paradox of tolerance. In 1945 he released an anti-totalitarian book called The Open Society and Its Enemies. The paradox, from a footnote in this work, states that if a society tolerates all ideas, people are free to use their society’s free