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Introducing "The Wider World"

In September, I started school at Tufts University for my M.A. in History and Museum Studies. It has been wonderful to finally be back in school, and I love the community there. One of the small ways I'm contributing to that community is my monthly column on the Tufts Museum Studies blog , "The Wider World. I use it as a platform to explore what it means to strive to make museums accessible and inclusive while being a museum studies student. As museum lovers in a museum studies program, we are in a bubble of people who do find most museums accessible to us and who feel included at most museums. It's great to be surrounded by fellow museum geeks, but it can make it harder to understand those who don't feel this way about museums. In this column, I explore many different types of accessibility, from having no barriers to people with disabilities to not requiring prior knowledge or cultural context to understand and enjoy an exhibition. Similarly, I look at including peo

Archive of Diffuse 5 "Queerly Bookish" posts coming soon

Some older posts on this website currently have dead links, as they were to a Boston-based web magazine called Diffuse 5, which is now defunct. I have copies of all of the posts I wrote in my monthly blog on that site, "Queerly Bookish," but they are not all in one place, so it will be some time before I upload them all here. Stay tuned!