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Semi-annual update, December 2017

My biggest update this quarter is that I started a monthly newsletter

It's descriptively named Links and Things from Tegan Kehoe. In it, I'll be sharing short reviews and recommendations of books, articles, experiences, and more, both things that have come out in the last month, and things that are not new, but worth a view. I'll also share information on my own ongoing and upcoming projects. If you sign up, you'll get one email a month from me, and I won't swap or sell your address. It's possible I'll want to send more than one per month in the future, but if I change to more often, that will be opt-in.

Because of the newsletter, I'm going to reduce how often I post selections of my recent work here. I encourage you to follow along with what I'm up to in "The Me Section" in the newsletter each month. 

In addition to the newsletter, here are some things I've written lately: