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Quarterly-ish update, August 2016

I'm the first to admit that my website, which is intended to be a one-stop place to see what I've been up to, is the place I'm usually last to update. If you happen to be looking for what I'm doing right now, Twitter (@tegankehoe) is usually a better bet -- although it may be that what I'm doing right now is participating in a Twitter chat, which leads to a flood of tweets on a narrow subject. For the website, I intend to get on a schedule of updating quarterly. So here's what I've been up to lately:

I am currently the Exhibits and Education Specialist at the Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of Medical History and Innovation at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. It's a fascinating place to work!

Outside of work, you can find me at my current blog project, A Catalog of Curiosity. I'm a few months into a thousand day project to try one hundred new things and reflect on them. The things run the gamut from reading books and visiting museums I’ve been meaning to get to, to having grand new adventures. They are all connected to what I consider my work, which includes history, writing, teaching, navigating the role of museums in their communities, and more. Here is a sampling of the posts: