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December 2021 update

Right now, the most active page on this website is the Books and Book Events page. As of this writing I have six upcoming book talks scheduled for January and February 2022, and more are in the works. The same page has previously recorded book talks and podcast interviews, all coming at my forthcoming book Exploring American Healthcare through 50 Historic Treasures from slightly different angles.

Another recent project I've been involved with is the virtual tour of Massachusetts General Hospital's historic Bulfinch Building. Several Mass General colleagues and I created this tour, which feasures a couple hundred labels giving historical context for the locations, artwork, and quirks in the building, for the 200th anniversary of the hospital opening its doors.

Some plans on the horizon are a project on best practices in interpreting the history of healthcare in museums (which might be expanded to interpreting histories of healthcare and the body, depending on my collaborators), and projects on the history of scientific study methodologies from the perspectives of shifting power structures and of changes in the epistemology of science. It will be a long time before I have anything to share with the public on these projects, but if you work in museums or history and these subjects relate to what you're working on, I'd love to talk.