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The Potential of Partnerships in Arts and Healthcare

The Potential of Partnerships in Arts and Healthcare Imagine a hospital with musicians on call, able to come to your bedside to play for you. Arts and crafts workshops tailored to the needs of patients with a specific type of illness. Healing gardens with visual arts classes. Weekly lunchtime poetry readings. While it’s not the harsh white light and smell of antiseptic cleaners most people associate with healthcare, this model is gaining in popularity. For decades, some organizations have incorporated the arts into healthcare, and now, as more and more of them are forging partnerships across a variety of organizations, the practice has a broader reach than ever. All of the examples above are real , and they are from one program, Shands Arts in Medicine at UF&Shands, the teaching hospital at the University of Florida. Read more at Createquity...

Createquity's "Arts Policy Library" review of The Artistic Dividend

Createquity features a section of reviews of important arts policy research papers, the Arts Policy Library. I reviewed Ann Markusen's 2003 paper "The Artistic Dividend: The Arts’ Hidden Contributions to Regional Development," which aims to reveal what economists typically miss when they measure the impact of the arts sector on regional economies.  I present both my full response and a condensed version .