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New Post on Diffuse 5 -- Queerly Bookish: A Sensual Journey into Rave

Queerly Bookish: A Sensual Journey into Rave

I like big volumes of poetry, especially poetry by one author, rather than anthologies. With small volumes, like the chapbooks that are so common in the poetry publishing world, I feel like I owe the book a thorough read, perhaps even in one sitting. They can be intimidating that way. I’m not big on anthologies because you don’t get much of a feel for any one poet. With a large collection of one person’s work, you can open the book to a random page and dive in, getting a full and rich experience without committing to reading the book straight through.
Rave is a collection of Olga Broumas‘s work over twenty-four years, and very much the kind of poetry book you can dive into again and again. 
Please be advised: Both the book being reviewed in the post and the review itself contain some adult content. The post handles some subject matter I don't normally write about, but it was a good book and worth reading and reviewing. 

Queerly Bookish is a column I write for Diffuse 5, a Boston-based collection of resources for the LBTQ community. The column presents book reviews and notes on the Boston literary scene, including events, publications, and more.